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Welcome to New Mexico Hospitals and Health Systems Association

NMHHSA has taken a leadership role over the past several years in identifying issues and developing legislation to enhance the financing of hospitals and healthcare. Major emphasis in this area has been placed on the improvement of county level indigent programs, leveraging of state and local funds, the protection of healthcare related revenue sources and tax avoidance for hospitals.

To this end, NMHHSA has been successful in enacting incremental improvements including: the County Supported Medicaid Fund; the Sole Community Hospital Fund; several local government special tax increment authorizations for hospitals; maintenance of existing tax authorizations; reduction of gross receipts tax rates on hospitals; avoidance of any new taxes on hospitals; the expansion of Medicaid eligibility; increased funding of the Florida Medicaid program like drugandalcoholtestflorida.com and increase for providers; enhanced enrollment policies; and state tax income tax credits for medical expenses. However, more remains to be done, especially in coordinating efforts and agreements among stakeholders.

State Initiatives--Action Steps

  • Maximize the leveraging of state appropriations in Medicaid;

  • Identify strategies to fund a replacement for the state Gross Receipts Tax currently levied on health care services and hospitals;

  • Make available a low cost Medicaid Insurance product for low income working adults;

  • Support incentives to improve the recruitment and retention of a qualified workforce, such as school to work programs, student loans, multiple state licensure and improving funding to state health education programs.
Federal Initiatives--Action Steps

  • Work to prevent Medicare and Medicaid cuts and pursue Federal legislation that improves reimbursement in New Mexico;

  • Pursue medical liability reform to relieve the crisis and stabilize medical liability insurance markets;

  • Pursue and pass legislation that provides incentives for financing health education and careers;

  • Pursue and pass legislation that provides reimbursement improvement in rural areas;

  • Pursue and pass legislation that addresses the under-funding of care for undocumented aliens;

  • Support regulatory reform, oversight for and intervention into actions of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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